Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use the clinic?
All Bonnell Aluminum employees and their family members regardless of insurance.
Is this an urgent care clinic? Is it just a workers' comp clinic?
No, this is not an urgent care clinic or a workers’ comp clinic, but you may use the clinic for acute or sick visits and the clinic will be doing some occupational medicine. This is mainly a primary care/family medicine clinic where appointments are preferred, but walk-ins may be accommodated. Use the clinic for preventive care, chronic disease management, sick visits, and other reasons you might go to your primary care doctor. The clinic can provide referrals to in-network specialists as needed.
How much does the clinic cost?
For Anthem Core and Buy-Up plan members, clinic visits are $0 with most services (e.g., labs, tests) included. For those on the high deductible plan or other insurances, office visits are $10 and labs and tests are available at a discounted rate. Medications are $0 for preventive medications and $3 for acute medications.
Medical Plan Cost of Office Visit Other Services
Anthem Buy-Up $0 All services included in co-pay
Anthem Core $0 All services included in co-pay
Anthem High Deductible $10 Discounted labs and tests
Other Coverage $10 Discounted labs and tests

Is my health information confidential from Bonnell?
Yes, as a patient in the clinic your personal health information is considered private and will be kept confidential. OnSite Care, a third party vendor, manages the clinic on behalf of Bonnell Aluminum. Only OnSite Care personnel have access to it for your care.
Do I have to switch my primary care provider to the Bonnell Family Health & Wellness Center?
No, you do not have to switch. You can use the clinic in addition to your other providers. Clinic staff can coordinate care with your current providers.
Will the medications offered in the clinic be brand-name or generic?
The clinic will offer generic medications.
If I’m already on a certain medication, can the clinic just fill that prescription for me?
You’ll need to be seen as a patient in the clinic so that the provider can evaluate your need for medication.
What insurance providers are accepted at the clinic?
The clinic accepts most major insurances.
Are walk-in appointments accepted?
Yes. Walk-in appointments are accepted. Patients are encouraged to call ahead of time whenever possible. We will make every attempt to fit you into the schedule, but please note you may have a long wait before being seen.
Is using the clinic cheaper than going to a regular primary care doctor in Carthage?
Yes. Bonnell Aluminum is subsidizing this clinic so that it is lower cost for you to use.
What happens when I meet my deductible?
Just like when you visit other healthcare providers, your responsibility changes once you meet your deductible. For example, if your coinsurance is 80%/20%, you will pay $2 for an office visit once you meet your deductible, if you have the high deductible plan or other accepted coverage.
How do I schedule an appointment?
There are three convenient ways to schedule an appointment:
  1. Call the clinic at (615) 588-0880.
  2. Electronically schedule via the patient portal.
  3. Download the mobile phone app, Healow.
How do I contact the clinic with a question?
There are a couple of ways to contact the clinic:
  1. Call the clinic at (615) 588-0880.
  2. Message the clinic via the patient portal.
  3. Use the mobile phone app, Healow, to message the clinic.
  4. Email the clinic at
Does the clinic close for lunch?
On Mondays and Wednesdays, the clinic closes for lunch from 1:00pm-1:30pm and on Fridays from 11:30am-12:00pm. During those times, any calls to the clinic will roll over to the OnSite Care Call Center.